China’s told banks and payments platforms to stop supporting digital asset transactions, but VCs and hedge funds are still optimistic about digital assets’ future.

Prices in the digital asset world are tumbling, everything from Bitcoin and Ethereum to smaller firms like DeFi and Dogecoin. Bitcoin’s dreadful fall from $41,000 to $31,000 has left stocks shocked (less than half of its April high of $65,000) Some investors took advantage of the low prices whilst others…

Decentralised applications (“dapps”) provide services similar to those offered by typical consumer applications. But, unlike typical applications, they use blockchain technology to grant users more control over their data by eliminating the need for centralised intermediaries to manage the data. This makes the service they provide “decentralised”.

Digital apps are ever-present in today’s world. Consumers use apps for sending email, paying for parking, finding dates, and countless other use cases. Under conventional models of control and ownership, consumers usually hand over personal data to the company providing the service. With a decentralised app however, users theoretically gain…

Baanx, the fast growing B2B2C “Better than a Banking Platform” specialising in fintech services & lending, becomes the third-largest shareholder in the United States regulated Maxwell State Bank in a multi-million-dollar deal to enhance cybersecurity and banking access to communities throughout America.

Maxwell State Bank is a fintech bank and VISA Principal Member established circa 1943 in Iowa. With total assets of $29,655,000 and deposits of $25,058,000 Maxwell has been FDIC certified since 1943 for insured deposits. Maxwell was acquired by serial fintech entrepreneur Ronald Ingram, founder of multi-billion dollar fintech programs…

Sean Salloux, Baanx, CRO, will answer your questions and provide insights on the upcoming announcement.

Plus, we’re giving away BXX rewards for best questions so get your thinking caps on!

AMA details:

Date and time: September 6 2021 @ 3pm BST
Where: Baanx BXX Telegram channel

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We are pleased to announce our next AMA on September 8th 2021 at 03:00 PM UTC Time: Satoshi Club x Baanx

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For more details:
Baanx — @Baanx_BXX
Satoshi Club — @satoshi_club
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‘Better than a bank’

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