Our recent approval by the FCA, the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK, has made it possible for Baanx to offer more services and grow our portfolio in the fintech market. We have seen tremendous growth in the last year and Baanx has now become one of the first UK-based…

Get a chance to double your BXX tokens when you trade or start trading BXX up to 10,000 BXX worth $1,000.

To celebrate the end of 2021 & the beginning of 2022 we’re giving you a chance to double your BXX up to 10,000 BXX worth $1,000. This is our thank you for supporting Baanx (BXX) throughout the year.

The winner will be chosen on a lucky draw basis.

How to…

China’s told banks and payments platforms to stop supporting digital asset transactions, but VCs and hedge funds are still optimistic about digital assets’ future.

Prices in the digital asset world are tumbling, everything from Bitcoin and Ethereum to smaller firms like DeFi and Dogecoin. Bitcoin’s dreadful fall from $41,000 to $31,000 has left stocks shocked (less than half of its April high of $65,000) Some investors took advantage of the low prices whilst others…

Decentralised applications (“dapps”) provide services similar to those offered by typical consumer applications. But, unlike typical applications, they use blockchain technology to grant users more control over their data by eliminating the need for centralised intermediaries to manage the data. This makes the service they provide “decentralised”.

Digital apps are ever-present in today’s world. Consumers use apps for sending email, paying for parking, finding dates, and countless other use cases. Under conventional models of control and ownership, consumers usually hand over personal data to the company providing the service. With a decentralised app however, users theoretically gain…


‘Better than a bank’

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