— The World’s First Crytobank Network to Insure Your Cryptocurrency

  • Keep your computer safe — simple measures like a good antivirus software, a reliable firewall and regular scans can seriously make all the difference.
  • Do your homework — when investing in ICO’s the more research and information you can find out about them the safer your money will be. Basic checks like checking the ICO’s website, contacting a few team members and reading their whitepaper can give you a great inclination to assess the accessibility of information and legitimacy of the business.
  • Your information is your security so be careful with it — the most important thing to remember while using any wallet is that you have to keep your keys protected. If you lose your private key, you will lose your coins forever.
  • Keep you Cryptocurrency in a safe place — gives you the only guarantee in the world that if you are targeted by illicit activity your money is safe, so join them today!




‘Better than a bank’

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‘Better than a bank’

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