CryptoPay can be simpler than using a Credit Card

It is widely acknowledged that cryptocurrencies have the potential to revolutionise, not just the global economy, but the way we live, communicate, transact and exchange data. A new age of financial liberty and transactional emancipation, as grandiose as it may sound, is within touching distance.

The ruthless manipulation of Greenspan’s monetary policy coupled with unprecedented financial speculation had enabled a generation of pessimistic baby boomers — resigned to a society in which the ecosystem our lives are based on is a contrived and corrupted monopoly. These reasons alone fuelled the monetary evolution of the last decade; an increasing pool of talented developers and logicians working behind the scenes to create a decentralised ecosystem — the benefits of money without the key pitfall of money; human error.

We are at a vital stage (see graph below), where crypto must fight for acceptance and integration into everyday payment structures alongside proving its resistance and rigidity against cybercrime. The community are undoubtedly making advancements and custody protocol is becoming more foolproof, yet we still have ground to gobble up before crypto becomes universal tender. In order for that to happen, cryptocurrencies need to be easier to use: not just online, but in everyday, real-life transactions. That’s the problem we are going to solve with the Baanx app and services.

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The Main Obstacle to Cryptocurrency Adoption

For many potential users, the volatility of cryptocurrencies spooks them. With an influx of innovative blockchain technologies and rapidly progressive spurts, bullish runs have been commonplace, causing capital to flood into the crypto market. This leads to speculative bubbles, overheating the market in the manner witnessed last winter. However, cryptocurrencies will inevitably increase and stabilise in price as adoption increases.

This of course begs the question: how do we get there? What changes need to occur for people and businesses to start using cryptocurrencies for the kinds of normal transactions we currently use cash or cards for?

Cryptos can have all the potential in the world — but until they are as easy, simple and frictionless to use as those other forms of payment, they will never overtake fiat.


To put it simply, cryptocurrencies in their current form are mind blowing technology, but they can be so complicated to use that most people and businesses don’t even know where to start. Even people who currently own some wouldn’t want to use cryptocurrencies for everyday transactions like buying coffee or groceries because it simply isn’t practical. To overcome this, cryptocurrencies should be just as easy to use as a credit card — if not easier.

You should be able to pay for anything you want with a variety of cryptocurrencies. and the vendor should be able to instantly convert that into to the currency they want to accept. And it should all happen instantly.

Well, that’s exactly what we set out to create when we built the Baanx App. Soon you won’t have to say “should” anymore, because you’ll be doing it everyday.

Effortless Point of Sale NFC Payment with the Baanx App

We’ve already seen a glimpse of what the future of everyday transactions could look like with apps like Alipay and WeChat Pay.

The Baanx App takes it a step further and ushers in the era of everyday cryptocurrency use with its built-in Near Field Communication (NFC) payment features. Our NFC technology will allow for instant Point of Sale payment with any supported cryptocurrency, instantly converting it to the local fiat currency for payment in brick and mortar businesses.

In plain English, this means that buying your morning coffee, paying for date night, or getting a round of beers in with Baanx (BXX) tokens, Bitcoin, or any other supported cryptocurrency will soon be as simple as swiping your smartphone in front of a scanner.

The Baanx App in action on U.S. TV

If that’s not enough to get you excited, consider all these other Baax App features:

  • Wallet Insurance: Your holdings insured up to $100,000 against no-fault losses from hacking.
  • Multi-Exchange Integration: The Baanx App will allow for integration with 9 major cryptocurrency exchanges, allowing you to buy and sell cryptocurrencies at the best prices directly from the app. You also won’t have to go through the tiresome process of creating accounts and completing KYC/AML verification with each individual exchange.
  • Personalized Banking Experience: The Baanx App allows you to view exchange rates and prices in your own native currency, so you’re not constantly trying to crunch and convert numbers in your head. All the information you need is there — easy, simple, and ready to go.

The Baanx App is coming very soon to Android and iOS, but it’s only one part of the larger Baanx ecosytem.

Sooner than you think, crypto will be an integral part of everyday transactions. Get ahead of the curve whilst there is still time.

The Baanx Token ICO begins Sept. 1st —join the community today and save 55% off the ICO price before Sept 1st. (Debit and Credit Card Purchases now supported)

Learn more about the App at




‘Better than a bank’

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‘Better than a bank’

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