CryptoPay can be simpler than using a Credit Card

Credit: @MustStopMurad

The Main Obstacle to Cryptocurrency Adoption

Effortless Point of Sale NFC Payment with the Baanx App

The Baanx App in action on U.S. TV
  • Wallet Insurance: Your holdings insured up to $100,000 against no-fault losses from hacking.
  • Multi-Exchange Integration: The Baanx App will allow for integration with 9 major cryptocurrency exchanges, allowing you to buy and sell cryptocurrencies at the best prices directly from the app. You also won’t have to go through the tiresome process of creating accounts and completing KYC/AML verification with each individual exchange.
  • Personalized Banking Experience: The Baanx App allows you to view exchange rates and prices in your own native currency, so you’re not constantly trying to crunch and convert numbers in your head. All the information you need is there — easy, simple, and ready to go.

The Baanx Token ICO begins Sept. 1st —join the community today and save 55% off the ICO price before Sept 1st. (Debit and Credit Card Purchases now supported)

Learn more about the App at



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